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GammaCV is a WebGL accelerated Computer Vision library for modern web applications.

We created GammaCV to make it easy to integrate Computer Vision in modern web applications. GammaCV was built with a similar architecture to TensorFlow, in particular, it also uses a data flow paradigm to create and run graphs on GPU, this enables the robust image processing and feature extraction capability of the library.

  • Compact


    Weighing in at only 87.5k uncompressed and 32.5k compressed GammaCV is small enough to be used in your Progressive Web Application without weighing it down.

  • Fast


    Many computer vision libraries make the typical laptop sound like it is about to take off like a jet plane. Not GammaCV, our use of WebGL enables fast frame rates without consuming all of the users CPU resources.

  • Cross Platform

    Cross Platform

    We did the work so you don't have to. All of the capabilities offered by GammaCV have been tested to work reliably in all modern browsers on desktop, mobiles and tablets.