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The library is a high-level abstraction API to create and run operations on different backends (WebGL, WASM, JS). GammaCV also enables you to construct operation graphs and control the flow of execution.


To use GammaCV you first need to install it. To install the latest stable version run: npm install gammacv --save

Core Concepts

To use GammaCV, you need to understand three core concepts: tensors, operations, and sessions. The basic unit of this library is a tensor. Tensor allows you to create N-dimensional vector and store it in memory using TypedArrays. The second part of the library is an operation. Operation under the hood is graph node which will have multiple inputs and always produce a single output. The third component is a session. Session is a runtime which allows you to run computational graphs on different backends with the same API. For a better understanding of how it works let's create a simple program and run it on the GPU using WebGL:

Chaining / Pipelining operations

For real world applications, you'll often need to combine multiple operations in sequence. With GammaCV this is as easy as creating a pipeline. This is just a semantic nuance, if you've followed the example above, you've already created one.

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